Waiting impatiently

Roller Rink!
Real Derby Skates (Riedell R3s) are on their way, and I’m just waiting.  I thought about getting the roller blades out, or going ice skating (this house isn’t short on skates in general), but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to confuse my feet right now;  I don’t want to lose anything gained from my time out last tuesday.

In the meantime, I’m reading up on rules, finding some great introductory skills videos, and thinking about a derby name.  Not that anyone’s reading this, but I’m still not sharing until I’m ready to register it, just in case.

I’m just so freaking anxious to skate.

I did some searching and found out there are multiple leagues in the area, including two in Champaign-Urbana and one in Bloomington-Normal (though I think the B-N league is really just getting started). One of the C-U leagues skates mostly at Skateland in Savoy, and I just missed their last open recruitment practice (meaning: come one, come all, join us!).  They’re doing tryouts in September, but that’s a different ballgame. The other league is getting near the same point, but with at least a practice or two left.  Problem is, I think they skate more often in Danville. So I have an email in to the B-N league, to see where they are, whether they’re even to the point of recruiting yet.

I realized today that I’m a sort of Jack Harkness when it comes to hobbies. Love ’em and leave ’em.  I love everything I do — knitting and piano and ice dance and golf and jewelry making and lighting design and photography and mushroom identification and gardening — hard and fully and genuinely.  But I *will* leave.  Eventually, I always leave, say I’ll call but won’t, drop one off somewhere just for the day, never to be seen again. Accepting that, at the start, is really better for everyone involved. Enjoy the time you have, no regrets.

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