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They aren’t just coming, they’re here.  Last weekend, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday watching South Central Regionals, live and mostly from suicide seating, in Kansas City, MO.  And contemplating a league change.  It was the perfect incubator for serious derby thoughts, in-between amazing gameplay.

This weekend, I’ll spend all day Friday-Sunday watching North Central Regionals, live and mostly from suicide seating, in Indianapolis, IN. And reflecting on my departure from one league, looking forward to the next chapter of my derby life with another. I don’t know very many of the skaters, but I do know that the league does things Very. Differently. I expect to be even more challenged physically, to be pushed much further, and have higher expectations and accountability placed on me and all the skaters. I also expect more feedback, along with the more consistent coaching that a more established league can offer.  And less bouting for now, which is ok. The sense of fearlessness and power I felt at Blood & Thunder camp over the summer is fading fast, and I need to recapture it soon.

Time’s a-ticking on this body’s ability to play this incredible sport. I can’t waste a moment more.