WFTDA Tournament Prep: Fan Version

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here.

No better time for a complete non sequitur, then:  what to do while watching Nationals?

I watched two of the regional tournaments, and struggled with several things, not the least of which was the difficulty of keeping track of 10 teams I was mostly unfamiliar with, trying to pin down something useful that I could take away.  My memory without frameworks is shit. So this time, with the trip riding on a much larger stack of dimes, I’m determined not to waste any of it staring at the track like a coma patient. Instead, I’m working on a little template of sorts that I can fill out about each team, each game, and take back home with me. I’m hoping it’ll focus my mind a bit, and keep me from trying to see everything at once, failing to see anything (ok, now I’m just being hyperbolic).  But seriously, trying to see everything makes me miss a lot.  I swear, a derby brain has to be shaped over time. At least I hope so, because a lot of the time I’m pretty sure I wasn’t born with one.

I’m starting with some really basic and easily observable questions about lineups and patterns for each team:  who jams, who pivots, where do they start, where do they stay, etc.  Then penalties — who keeps landing in the box, for how long (especially jammers).  Noting lead changes and top scorers for that game will be good memory triggers later on.  And then capturing impressions about their general playing style — what game do they play?  Fast or slow, from the front or the back?  None of this is going to be solid data that I can analyze — just a way of organizing my observations.

I made a bracket, but it’s not based on deep knowledge of any of the teams, really.  Just a combination of limited footage over the last year and watching NC and SC regionals. So anyway, my bracket:

Bout 1: Minnesota over Charm
Bout 2: Rocky Mountain over Nashville

Bout 3: Kansas City over Rose City
Bout 4: Philly over Naptown (but I would love for this not to come true!)

Bout 5: Minnesota over Texas
Bout 6: Gotham over Rocky Mountain

Bout 7: Windy over Kansas City
Bout 8: Oly over Philly

Bout 9: Gotham over Minnesota
Bout 10: Oly over Windy

Bout 11: Minnesota over Windy (for 3rd and 4th place)
Bout 12: Gotham over Oly  (for 1st and 2nd place)

Contrary to appearances, I’m totally freaking out here with excitement. Everything’s arranged, and I’m mostly packed. Squee!!!!

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