Sharing: Hydration and Other Reading

Nothing’s pissing me off lately.  But that shouldn’t keep me on silent – so here are some things I’ve been reading lately related to derby, fitness, nutrition etc.

First, this piece reporting on a new study from the Journal of Nutrition that showed negative effects on mood and cognition for women who are only mildly dehydrated (1.3%). It wasn’t a study on sports performance or weight loss, but task performance. Very, very interesting.

This piece from NPR earlier in the week (Weight Loss Drugs Face High Hurdles at FDA) had me cursing at the radio more than once, in terms of how it frames the country’s weight problem.

More annoyance in the form of a call to label junk food pathogens.  It’s not that I’m afraid of a nanny state (really, where are we drawing the line here between what’s paternalistic/maternalistic and what’s not? Government has that role already. Now let’s get to the substantive objections to the legislation/regulation at hand– because there are plenty.), but I just think this is still focusing on the wrong part of the problem.  You don’t fix a dependence on alcohol by outlawing alcohol, or by figuring out how to medicate their alcohol receptors into blindness, so why are we approaching weight that way? Weight can be both an individual and a social challenge, and despite the fact that it has serious consequences for medical care, it’s not a disease you can drug up or a tumor you can cut out or stitch up, and I’m sick of hearing the medical/health profession talk as if it were.

But there’s some uplifting reading, too:

A great piece at Derby Life: Am I Really an Athlete? (from Luludemon) – on being your own kind of derby-playing athlete.

And another from the Harrisburg Examiner, If Derby Were Easy (from Kristie Grey) – along the lines of my “shut up, little voice”, and how so much of derby is a mental challenge.

And on the homefront, we’re heading into another draft at the end of the week, this time for home teams. I’m so brand-spankin-new to this league, I shouldn’t have any expectations here–nobody even knows who I am. I don’t even know the teams well enough to know where I ought to be. I’ll be content no matter what happens. But I can’t help having some hopes.

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