to try, or not to try

Well, that’s a stupid question. Of course you try. always, every day, moving forward, outside the comfort zone, on the edge of that wave. You play roller derby, after all. When the confidence is high, you ride it like a mofo, and take care of business. And when it’s not, you try to remember what it’s like to ride it, and keep moving until that feeling comes back. If nothing else, just focus on keeping your girls out of harm’s way, that’ll get the adrenaline flowing.

Q2 travel team tryouts are on the horizon, and despite a little freakout the other day, I’m surprisingly sanguine about it today. I have absolutely nothing to lose here. Once again, no expectations, so there’s no room for disappointment. Just put it all out there on the track, take pride in the effort, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, and let someone else decide whether it’s good enough — yet.

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