Blood, Sweat and Tears

image by sonofabike

image by sonofabike

Roller derby is NOT for the faint of heart. I spent the better part of the last two weeks offskates, and since life got a little in the way, I didn’t manage to get regular workouts in during that time, either. Re-entry today was a little rough. But once again, I find myself thinking about the lessons in the derby valleys.

Though a wiser person might have taken it easy, I jumped into my first practice back with both feet, and scheduled my annual minimum skills test as well. Sanguine, that’s my go-to spot, my healthy-for-me center. No worries, no anticipation, just present. My body had other ideas, though, and sent me stumbling more than once. Not that long ago, a practice like today’s would have been enough to send me packing my gear, angry and frustrated and scared that I wasn’t ever going to get better. Now, I try to remember that the struggle is where growth happens, and blink back tears with a quick water break.

This sport, it’s amazing. The women who play it, they’re amazing. I don’t know of any other place in this world where women can put their strengths and weaknesses and passion and fear and confidence all on the line, try and risk both failure and success, battle each other and themselves, and still support each other throughout. Today, I did battle with myself. But I had a team supporting me and inspiring me, and I had my center, and tomorrow I’ll try again.

The blood (random cut on my arm – wtf? – and an already-forming giant bruise on my shin), sweat (always, always lots of sweat!) and tears (barely even) may be more visible, but I think the real work is happening on the inside.

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