Roller Derby Gameplay Diagram: Update Summer 2013

Inspired, obviously, by this fantastic diagram from Atlanta’s Aimz 2 Kill.  When I was with a prior league, we were looking for a diagram for our programs, but were unable to get in touch with her to secure permission to use it.  So I spent some hours with Fireworks and drew one of our own.  We really needed something that would work in black and white, as we don’t print programs in color.

The copyright holder for this diagram is me, Snarker Posey. The Creative Commons BY-SA license that is attached to it means that you are free to reuse it (please!), in any way you choose, so long as you: 1) provide attribution to me, and; 2) if you alter or build upon it and choose to distribute the resulting image, that you do so under this same license (or something very similar).  In other words, you may not add color to it and then sell it to a magazine with all your rights reserved.  Make sense?

It’s nothing fancy, but it works for our league’s programs, and I’m happy to have others use it if it saves you some time. If there’s anything you’d like to see added, I welcome comments. Editable .fw.png file available here.


  1. so excited i found this! any chance it’ll be updated to include the new 30 second penalties? 😉

      • Stephanie
      • April 2nd, 2014

      Yep! Probably another couple of weeks.

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